OneLogin and AWS CloudTrail Lake Integration

As an AWS Partner, One Identity is proud to announce that it is now even easier to leverage your existing AWS tooling with your OneLogin data. We are among the first partners to offer a new integration that joins tools, such as our previously released AWS EventBridge webhook. Now, AWS and One Identity have teamed to deliver an integration with AWS CloudTrail Lake, which allows you to store your OneLogin event data in AWS along with all your other data.

CloudTrail Lake is a managed security and audit data lake that allows organizations to aggregate, immutably store and query events recorded by AWS CloudTrail, and it is backed by a seven-year default retention policy to help you meet compliance requirements. 

As CloudTrail Lake now supports ingesting and analyzing activity events from OneLogin, you can consolidate your OneLogin and AWS activity events together in CloudTrail in just a few steps. You won't need to build or manage the event data pipeline. The integration offers you a deep, granular view into the OneLogin event logs that includes details like the specific risk scores of login attempts, as well as CloudTrail queries that you can run to determine how many times a specific event happened during a time period. 

With this AWS integration, consolidating your activity data is simplified and more streamlined than ever, which delivers enhanced visibility across your OneLogin environments and applications. 

Read the AWS announcement - AWS CloudTrail Lake Supports Ingesting Activity Events From Non-AWS Sources.

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