So much to tell you about here... We've been hard at work helping customers recognize risk in their environments - across multiple data sources. As the new PM, I'm still learning all the places I need to telling people about all the good things we're doing with Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence. If you haven't looked at us in while, I'll bet you're in for some pleasant surprises

I've put the list of things the team is working on into the table below:

Feature Description Availability
Attribute Based Risk

This feature adds new classification rules that provide insights into attribute based risk.  For example we are adding some AD attribute based risk – and we’re providing you with some customization capabilities here. For example find users who haven’t reset passwords in a long time, or computer accounts that haven’t been logged on in over X days. Improvements and adjustments continue to be implemented here - actively soliciting your feedback!

Chart Updates

Improvements to charts have been in development and you should see more accurate legends and the ability to identify the value of a data point on mouse over – that allows you see and understand what’s happening over time. Improvements and adjustments continue to be implemented here - actively soliciting your feedback!

See the screenshot below for how this looks

Enhanced data pivot views

These new views provide an ability to “pivot on risk”.  That is, they provide more drill down capabilities to help you quickly identify risks and how they’re identified in addition to how the risk was granted. Different views and drill downs are in the works to help you get to the risk your seeking to understand more quickly with more information.

New platform support for Azure AD

We’re in design and initial development with support for Azure AD as a source for identity and risk. You’ll start to see some common risk scenarios for AAD soon!


Looking forward to hearing from you - 

Tim Sedlack

Sr Product Manager

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