Starling Connect extends your identity administration and governance capabilities to the cloud

You already know the amazing capabilities of One Identity Active Roles and how it simplifies and centralizes provisioning and deprovisioning processes for your Active Directory and Azure Active Directory-controlled identities. You know that it provides exactly the access level your users need to get their jobs done efficiently, whether your environment is mostly on-prem or cloud, or, like the majority of organizations, a hybrid environment.

But its gets better. How? You ask. Now you can easily extend Active Roles efficiency to a rapidly growing list of SaaS and cloud-applications with One Identity Starling Connect. This means you can extend your Active Roles on-premises deployment to provision many more applications, regardless of where they are located, on-premises or in the cloud.

The beauty of Starling Connect is that, despite a lack of a single industrywide API standard for cloud apps, it can connect to nearly any app, to bring the identity and access management functions under the control of your Active Directory/Azure AD infrastructure. So, regardless of which of the many standards the app was designed for – including ReST, Soap, OData, and more – Starling Connect, along with Active Roles, will make the connection and ensure that identity data is flowing in both directions quickly and efficiently.

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