Starling Platform:

Infrastructure:  All of these updates should remain hidden from view as the back-office is updated to support the upcoming launch of Identity Analytics.  Integration and testing is being conducted on multiple services like order processing and subscription automation.  


Identity Analytics:  This is a busy time for Starling and for Identity Analytics.  Since the last update there have been a number of changes.

Notifications:  The current notification system in this roll-out will be more or less what is present for the August milestone.  Changes to highlight include summary info vs individual alerts.  For example there were situations where a significant number of alerts could be generated.  Consider a change is made in Active Directory and the results impacted hundreds or even thousands of accounts.  Instead of generating an alert for each individual account, a general alert is raised when new high risk accounts are detected.  The alert includes the number of new accounts and a link to the high risk account view.  Other changes include a move to make alerts user-based vs tenant-based, the removal of the notification center, a clear-all button, and support for “infinite” scrolling of alerts.

Classification Rules:  A couple new classification rules were added.  This brings the total to 14 and roughly what will be in place for the August milestone.  These will be the initial set of out-of-the-box rules.   A bit later this year (post-August) we will expand rules to support your own customization.  More info on that in the time ahead.

Data Sources:  A few changes were added in preparation to support Active Roles 7 and Active Directory.  The current data source supported in the preview is Active Roles Server v6.9.  Next up will be support for ActiveRoles version 7 and then later in the year for native Active Directory.

User Interface: Note there will be a number of significant changes to the User Interface over the next couple updates.  The areas receiving attention include the rules view, the high risk account view, the entitlement compare view and the Collector Agents view.  In addition the starting work on the attestation framework is underway.  

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