Starling 2FA:

Let's start with Starling Two-Factor Authentication.   Feel free to kick the tires via a free, self-service 30 day trial.  

RADIUS Agent is Available: A lot of existing applications have built-in support for RADIUS.  The new RADIUS agent allows you to seamlessly configure your on-prem RADIUS-aware applications to use Starling's cloud hosted 2FA service.  The agent proxies the request from your on-prem application to the cloud-based Starling services.  Utilizing the agent opens-up a whole new range of applications to integrate with Starling for 2FA requirements

ADFS Plug-In is Available: Similar to the RADIUS agent, the ADFS plug-in is also generally available now.  This plug-in is analogous to the RADIUS agent in that the plug-in allows ADFS applications to use Starling's cloud-hosted 2FA solution.   Between the RADIUS agent and the ADFS plug-in, the range of applications that can now use the cloud-hosted 2FA service is greatly expanded. 


Identity Analytics:

Notifications Updates:  The latest round of updates for notifications includes a per-user configuration setting.  Additional details will be implemented this sprint, but moving in this direction permits an Identity Analytics administrator to fine-tune what type of alerts are most relevant.  The notification configuration has moved to account settings (gear icon on the top right).  Look for this functionality to expand over the next sprint.  

Dashboard Tweaks:  The Dashboard visuals have been tuned for a better Responsive design.  We've tested the break-point for where to hide visuals on smaller-screened devices.  

Granular Permissions: The work on granular permissions is ongoing.  There are several screens in the current preview that will undergo significant changes shortly.  

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