If you've been following Jackson Shaw's blog (which by the way, we actually syndicate his latest 5 posts at the bottom of our main blog overview page), you'll have noticed that he recently wrote about a couple videos that Solution Architect Barry Gerdsen created showing how you can use Quest One Identity Manager to achieve "Self-Service Provisioning" and a "Access Request Portal". Well, Barry has been very busy and has recorded a new video explaining the manager attestation or certification process using Quest One Identity Manager. This short video shows an example of how a line of business manager can login to the solution, evaluate the list of employees, what access they have, whether they still should to make informed decisions. Should any access be revoked, the manager can identify the employee, submit the change to the application owner who can approve which kicks off an automated workflow to revoke the access for the employee in question. But as they say, 'a picture is worth a thousand words' so click on the link below to watch the short video for yourself!

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