Traditional perimeter-based security, while still needed, is getting less important. Previously adequate strategies for implementing tools and processes for achieving governance and for providing evidence for compliance need to be adapted and extended to meet the above given new challenges.

Many organizations and many vendors have understood that with the changing landscape as described above, the role of identity and its associated access is getting increasingly important. The simplistic, but nevertheless true statement that “identity is the new perimeter” illustrates the importance of the role of adequate Identity Management, powerful and efficient administrative processes and rock-solid governance across all enterprise resources.

One Identity Manager is well-designed, well-integrated and complete Identity Management solutions, which continues to demonstrate leadership in the IAM/IAG market. Version 7.0.1 builds on the major release (v7), and adds a significant number of new features along with performance improvements thanks to its new modular architecture.

While the product is slightly more targeted at employee use cases, few other IAM/IAG products can be said to have the same reliable maturity and focus on continuous innovation. Our Identity portfolio, has one of the better ecosystems in the business. 

• v7 introduces a new, modular, component-based architecture along with a large number of significant new features 
• Good integration with our Privilege Management solution 
• Large number of OOTB Target system connectors 
• Very strong logging and SIEM integration capabilities 
• Includes Data Governance features 

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