Here at One Identity, we like to highlight organizations that figure it out and finally get IAM right. There are so many that struggle to achieve the security, automation, and transformation that IAM can deliver, that when someone pulls it off, we like to celebrate.

One such organization is Howard County, Maryland.

Howard County was struggling to get its arms around a complex and evolving Active Directory environment. The requirement for a high amount of IT involvement for even the simplest Active Directory and user administration task made it necessary to find a better way. Of course One Identity was there to help. Along with  our friends from Quest we were able to help Howard County automate AD management task such as provisioning, better secure AD and get a handle on AD Admin activities, enable one-click provisioning and deprovisioning of the entire Windows-centric environment, achieve audit objectives, maximize the effectiveness of Group Policy, and buttress AD against disaster.

See how Howard County did it - read the case study.

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