At Sky, identity sits at the heart of our digital workplace. We’ve positioned it as one of the key drivers for our digital transformation.

As you can hear in our session at the Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas, this effort is not our first investment in Identity, we had existing ‘legacy debt’ with a number of tactical IAM solutions that didn’t deliver to their full potential. Because of this, we had to win back the trust of our executive stakeholders and to secure funding for future identity initiative.. Our approach was simple, we had to “Believe in Better” and reimagine what the future of identity could be.

Showing ROI to the business can make identity programmes challenging to implement. Identity is not a project, it’s a change in mindset and way of life. It’s a journey that is always evolving. This requires year-on-year-on-year investment. To secure that continual investment you need to deliver measurable success on a regular basis.

We treat our One Identity platform like it’s our own product, we branded it and we marketed it internally, so I’m the product manager as well as the architect. We created a service catalogue, started a campaign to win hearts and minds internally and grow our internal customer base. My team provides critical operational support to the business, so we have close relationships with a lot of the main system owners. This proved to be a game changer as the Audit, Risk and Compliance teams would traditionally be the teams mandating the use of identity and were behind our collective effort. Our game plan was all about focusing on user experience and automation, making things better for our internal customers.

I’ll be speaking about this experience and sharing greater detail at our discussion at Gartner IAM, Tuesday 10:45– 11:30 a.m.. Join us to learn more and ask me anything.

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