Access Governance remains one of the fastest growing market segments in the broader IAM/IAG (Identity and Access Management/Governance) market. Over the past few years, this segment has evolved significantly. Access Intelligence, providing  advanced analytical capabilities for identifying access risks and analyzing the current status of entitlements is one of these additions, not to mention improved capabilities in managing access risks and user activity monitoring.

We were actually named Leader in all 4 categories by KuppingerCole in the 2014 Access Governance Leadership Compass report 

  • Overall Leader
  • Product Leader
  • Market Leader
  • Innovation Leader

"Quest has established itself as a leading vendor in the IAM/IAG market place with the One Identity offerings. One Identity Manager and the additional Data Governance edition deliver not only strong Identity Provisioning capabilities but also excel in Access Governance and Data Governance."
—Excerpt from KuppingerCole Leadership Compass: Access Governance 2014

This Leadership Compass provides an overview and analysis of the Access Governance market segment, and the solutions available.


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