Looking Forward to the One Identity EMEA Partner Forum

So a lot of people have asked what we intend to cover at the first One Identity EMEA Partner Forum.  Firstly, I would like to cover why we have named this a Forum.  Earlier this year I was captivated by a trip I took to Rome, where I was able to visit the Roman Forum – an impressive site which was ancient Rome’s showpiece centre.  It grew over time to become the social, political and commercial hub of the Roman Empire.

With the spirit of open communications and networking we embarked on putting together an impressive list of speakers and informative content.  Also with the timing coinciding with the start of the new One Identity business – the early foundation of our relationship with our partners was a clear priority.

Our forum, attended by the worldwide leaders of the One Identity business:

  • John Milburn – President & General Manager, One Identity
  • Jackson Shaw – Director Product Management
  • Bill Evans – Director Product Marketing
  • Terry Ferose – VP Professional Services

In addition, we have assembled our functional experts from across EMEA:

  • SALES : Ian Sutherland, Director of Sales, EMEA
  • PSO: Gordon Patzschke – Head of Professional Services, EMEA
  • SUPPORT: Gordon White – VP Global Support
  • INNOVATION: Paul Walker – Technical Director, EMEA
  • PRE-SALES: Patrick Hunter – Head of Pre-Sales, EMEA

And many other team members from across the One Identity EMEA business.

Topics to be covered include:

  • One Identity : The Business & The Solution
  • One Identity Partner Connect
  • Innovation at One Identity
  • Providing Governance to Cloud
  • Perspectives : Analyst / Customer / Service / Support

 A special celebration evening has been planned for Tuesday 14th November with special guests:

  • A UK TV Celebrity
  • Saxophonist
  • Partner Recognition Awards

We have taken the opportunity to hire a video crew who will be recording special moments from the event which will be made available to selective audiences post-event.

We look forward to welcoming our partners to our first partner forum at Savill Court; and to being part of our special inaugural event and benefiting from the networking; education and enjoying the celebration.   We also look forward to building stronger relationships and forming new ones, in sharing our successes and ideas for the future and connecting our teams together for wider collaboration in the future – a firm foundation for ONE IDENTITY PARTNER CONNECT.

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