Bank invests in faster, more secure IAM processes

It’s a fact of life for financial institutions – whether large or small – that managing identities and ensuring reliable, secure access to applications is a must. Grappling with internal- and external-user needs can quickly overwhelm the bank information technology teams tasked with identity and access management (IAM) and security.

Since 1946, OeKB has provided financial services to individuals and small, midsize, and large businesses throughout Austria. In addition to banking services and development financing, the company offers export, capital market and energy market services. Because of OeKB’s great success they have many accounts and applications that have to be managed, which is why OeKB turned One Identity Manager – Data Governance Edition.

"We have to manage many accounts and applications, and One Identity Manager helps us do that in a fast and secure way. It’s an easy-to-use, centralized tool that simplifies management which enables us to manage it all with a single identity solution."

Christian Zotter, Technologist Lead, IT Services, OeKB

Watch our video case study to learn how One Identity Manager helped OeKB’s bank IT security team overcome IAM challenges. #GetIAMRight.

Watch the video here

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