One Identity Manager named a Leader in KuppingerCole 2020 Leadership Compass

The Identity Governance and Administration market continues to evolve by integrating Identity Provisioning and Access Governance solutions with intelligent features. The KuppingerCole 2020 Access Governance and Intelligence report provides an overview and keen insights.

This Leadership Compass focuses primarily on Access Governance and Intelligence capabilities with required integrations into native or third-party entitlements, and/or account repositories.

As security leaders consider access governance an important element in building a robust identity analytics platform, KuppingerCole has seen a considerable shift in IAM vendor product roadmaps to better support for access-governance features and access-intelligence capabilities.

There’s an increased demand for access governance ‘only’ products in the market, especially from organizations that already have an identity provisioning tool or whose entry point for IAM is access governance. One of the more common adoption patterns is where identity provisioning is fulfilled via a managed service with access governance handled internally so that the organization can retain absolute control over governance functions.

Other adoption patterns for access-governance products are used as well, including where an organization’s primary requirement is better access governance for enhanced audibility and role governance.

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