As a product manager, I have the luxury of meeting customers from all around the globe and from all types of organizations. I’ve learned from these experiences that as the competitive landscape evolves, speed of adoption and adaption is paramount. Today, organization must launch new services and cloud applications quickly to stay competitive. As we all know, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the platform to manage these identities through a standard set of processes, policies and governance. IAM initiatives can help aggregate and simplify the view of identities from all systems, whether they are deployed on premise or in the cloud.

Recently, One Identity launched Connect for Cloud to help our customers who use Identity Manager to accelerate their overall IAM strategy by greatly reducing the time it takes to on-board cloud applications. Our Connect for Cloud solution leverages the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) open standard as the connection between Identity Manager and cloud applications, which enables customers to control multiple cloud applications with a single interface.

Connect for Cloud extends Identity Manager’s real-time governance capabilities to the cloud. This industry-leading IAM solution now can deliver useful detailed information about the performance and availability of resources in your infrastructure, regardless if they are on-premises, in the cloud or part of a hybrid environment. Plus, Identity Manager monitors and controls who has access to your resources, and when and why that access was granted or terminated. With Connect for Cloud as part of Identity Manager, a significant hurdle to your organization’s digital transformation is removed. You can rapidly extend identity governance, access controls, compliance reporting and provisioning/de-provisioning to popular cloud-based apps, including Salesforce, ServiceNow,, Dropbox, Concur and Amazon AWS and many more.

In contrast to competitors’ offerings — which require custom connectors for each cloud application — Connect for Cloud provides one interface, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming custom coding and the hassle of one-off connections that are often required to integrate cloud applications.

Coming very soon! We are developing a Connect for Cloud applications request page where you can tell us what cloud apps your organization needs.

 Thank you for your partnership with One Identity.

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