With the large number of Identity Management and Access Governance vendors in the market, buyers are always faced with the enduring task of narrowing down which vendor and product best meets the ability to solve their business problems. Unfortunately, in almost all cases, buyers will initially look for a solution to solve problems in one of two areas. Identity provisioning and administration (process of creating and managing user accounts from various target systems) or identity access governance (ongoing audit, certification campaigns to ensure end users have the correct access and appropriate rights to entitlements). By choosing to look at a product which one solves one of these areas can have significant impact on the business later on. For example: different product(s) from same/different vendor(s) may not allow for the same type of relationships between users, their accounts and entitlements therefore causing auditors and managers to see different pictures when looking at the user’s access in the target system, and reports from the governance system. 

So, data governance and administration – can an Identity and Access Management solution have it all? Absolutely! Personally, it should be mandatory as it should provide buyers with the confidence they will be able to solve their initial business problems and at the same time build an infrastructure that can grow and expand with their needs. Regardless, which of the two areas (identity provisioning or identity access governance) they tackle first, there should be a seamless way to bridge provisioning with governance and only a consistent, modular and integrated data model platform can help you achieve your business needs. 

Dell One Identity Manager has always been one of those IAM/IGA products which have tightly integrated provisioning and governance out of the box. Both identity provisioning and identity access governance features are core parts of the platform. Recently, we have announce the release of Dell One Identity Manager 7.0. A truly modular and more scalable approach to identity and access governance that enables organizations to leverage current technology and infrastructure investments. 

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