Why is it good to work at One Identity in Hungary?

We asked a few colleagues to tell us why they like working in the Hungarian offices with One Identity (one of the pillars of Quest Software Ltd.) In our interview series, you will find out in detail what their answers were. Our first two interviewees were Kristóf Bajnok and Anna Németh-Szabó, who let us know about their core values and everyday experiences at work.

Kristóf started his career with One Identity as a support team member, in a team characterized by exceptional expertise and, unlike in other similar positions, having a very competent clientele as well. Later, he became part of the development team, where a slightly calmer environment and an equally competent team awaited him. He has 18 years of experience in system engineering and project management, which he can still make good use of in his current position.

Anna has been working for the Budapest Technical Communications Team of One Identity as a technical writer since November 2018. As a technical writer, Anna is responsible for product documentation, UX writing, and product improvement, taking user-related aspects (such as usability, user assistance, user experience, and inclusive language) into consideration as well as ensuring high quality, industry-standard content. As a member of the company’s global UX Team, Anna participates in global projects such as inclusive language adoption in products, documentation and internal messaging, improving technical communications style guide guidelines, and UX-tech comm cooperation. Anna is also a member of the company’s Equality and Inclusion Council, working on several workstream groups to ensure cross-teams communications and that UX and technical communications interests, as well as local interests, are considered.

 Kristóf: For me, the most important thing at One Identity is that I have a professionally challenging job, in a highly supportive environment. I also appreciate the fact that I have the opportunity to work in a Linux environment.

Even though my team is not actually developing open source products, the perception is very similar. In practice, this means high expectations concerning expertise, as everybody has an insight into my work. All team members do their best and teams expect the same attitude from each other.

Isn’t this a source of extra stress?

What I actually like is that this is not interpreted as extra stress. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, as it is actually a strong motivation factor.

This is also due to the fact that in our job the time factor is of secondary importance. Namely, we don’t have to work fast, but well, instead. In essence, quality is the most important aspect. What’s more, at One Identity, we are surrounded by an environment that, unfortunately, is certainly not common in Hungary, as it is open and welcoming, instead of intimidating. Colleagues here don’t need to be concerned about repercussions if they make any critical remarks. Everybody assumes that criticism always stems from the intention to improve things.

 Anna: For me, the most important advantage is that I can work in an inclusive, supportive community. This applies to colleagues as well as to management. We appreciate and love diversity. This also means that we accept each other’s quirks, which makes us unique.

What’s more, at One Identity there is a sense of partnership between employer and employee, therefore we are not merely regarded as „workforce”. Autonomy of teams and individuals is crucial at our workplace, micromanagement, which can sometimes prove very hindering, is completely absent.

Our methods of cooperation are all rooted in trust, dialogue, comparison, and consensus. As a result, there is no need to apply a controlling attitude. Instead appropriate methods of communication, supportive ’guidance’ and cooperation are of key importance, and perfectly enough. Accordingly, communication is honest and transparent. Here, nothing has to be swept under the carpet, and we don’t have to keep quiet or ’embellish’ anything. We are allowed to think outside the box, and it is also OK to disagree with anyone.

I think this plays a massive role in effective communication between team members, between teams, and between corporate units as well. We complement each other’s work and we can make good use of our diversity.

Would you say that One Identity has a ’special trait’ that differentiates it from other companies?

Anna: Yes. I, for example, can take part, and have a say in meetings and projects that far transcend the current ’typical’ way of thinking and circumstances in Hungary. These initiatives are quite pioneering and innovative in many respects. For example, several workstream groups are working on making company and work culture as inclusive and diverse as possible. I consider these initiatives extremely valuable and important. In addition, these meetings give me a chance to provide insight to the other workstream group members regarding the situation in Hungary, representing local interest as well as working on global improvements.

Some employees consider flexible working hours a perk at some companies. However, in reality, this does not always meet their expectations. Flexibility frequently manifests as a euphemism for overtime. What does it really mean at One Identity, then?

Kristóf: Work-life balance is being taken very seriously at One Identity, and this is not mere bullshit. In the beginning, I thought it was, but soon it became clear that the company does not expect me to live for my job only. For instance, I would like to highlight the first COVID-19 wave, the way One Identity handled the situation is exemplary at the very least. Colleagues with children had the company’s full support in every possible way, including even more flexibility on behalf of our employer than we already had.

Anna: I also greatly appreciate the possibility to work remotely. Due to the nature of my job, sometimes it’s vital for me to reach a „flow state”, without getting distracted.

You said a lot about the pros. Is there anything that you think could be improved?

Kristóf: No doubt, there are situations when people are dissatisfied and of course, coworkers also tend to rant, rather than sing praises. Despite this, I find it very important to occasionally take a few steps back, and observe the situation from above. As a result, we can see how vastly the positive aspects outweigh the negatives.

This is a big, multinational company, with certain processes that in some cases could be improved, but which do not make it impossible for colleagues to enjoy their work.

Anna: Sometimes it is difficult to schedule a meeting with foreign colleagues in a way that everyone can make it, and no one finds the time of the meeting inconvenient, too early, or too late. At present, this is only relevant in certain projects where colleagues' work time zones significantly far apart. In other words, it is not a common phenomenon, fortunately. Nevertheless, we have also raised our concerns regarding this issue, and our voices have been heard. We are currently working on an appropriate solution company-wide.

We designed our infographic concentrates 25 colleagues’ opinions, each of them telling why they like working with us. It is available here. (See attachment below)

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The interview series is to be continued soon.

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