Starling Connect:

New Product Launch:  We are excited to announce the release of Starling Connect, a new cloud-architected solution built on top of our Starling platform.  Starling Connect is available today.  You can start your own 30 day trial by going to  To find out more information about Starling Connect including the problems it addresses and the value it brings, please see the release blog from the product manager Alex Binotto here:    And, to find out more roadmap information about the Starling Connect connectors, please see the roadmap blog post here:



Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

Granted Targets:  Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence rolled out a new feature that helps you better understand the scope of the risk as well as which specific targets are affected by the risk. To see this new information, when you drill into a high risk account, select a classification rule, and then you will see the granted targets column.  The data in this column is now a link to a page that loads additional information (prior it was static data).  The additional information gives you a sense of the scope of the risk.  For example does this high risk affect 5% or 99% of all targets.   In addition to the general scope, it provides details about the specific targets affected.  Having access to this level of detail is essential when consideration remediation.  For example understanding which targets are granted this high risk access helps you make a decision like should I remove the user from a group (which impacts only the user) or should I remove the permission from the group (which impacts all members of the group).

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