Starling 2FA:

Collaboration Management:  A new simple rollback capability was added to the collaborator management views.  This allows for simple un-delete of a collaborator


Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

Risk Trend: How am I doing? That’s not a question you have to ask as we provide a visual indication of risk over time (and the calculation is under your control). At a glance, you can tell if you’re better off than you were yesterday, or even a week ago. Now you’ll know that the risk you’re mitigating is helping you improve your overall risk posture.

Simplify and clarify entitlement comparison: User feedback wins! We heard that when you’re doing entitlement comparisons, it’d be best to only see what’s different. Previously we showed you ALL the entitlements and let you work it out. Now you get only difference by default (with an option to see all the entitlements, if you like that sort of thing).

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