Starling Platform:

GDPR Contact Management:  Starling tenant administrators have a new view to manage their GDPR contacts.   The new view can be found under Settings - Manage GDPR Contacts.  The new view is part of an overall GDPR readiness initiative.  To find out more information about all the updates and enhancements, please visit our new GDPR HQ:

Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

One Identity Safeguard Integration:  Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence users can now filter by Safeguard appliance name and identify risk at a per-appliance level.  This more granular filter eliminates the need for visual inspection and allows administrators to discover and remediate risk more easily.

Charting:  An overall update to charting allows for individual data points to be selected and their values to show up in the legend context.  Users who want to quick see what data increased or decreased will now be able to do this with a simple mouse over on the data point

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