Starling 2FA

  • Hardware Token Support - Added support for Yubikey 4.0 OATH-HOTP configured Hardware tokens.  NOTE this feature is sceduled to be available mid-sprint so check back often.  There will be a new "Hardware Token" option visibile in the top nav bar when the feature goes live

Starling Connect

  • Coupa Connector: Users management connector will be available in this release.
  • New Test Configuration Button:  Provides the ability to test the connection before saving the connection parameters and credentials to ensure connectivity with the target instance.
  • RSA Archer Connector Enhanced Logging:  RSA Archer diagnostic logs were enhanced to collect counters for group member operations and status of the request responses.

Starling Governance Access Certification (TECH PREVIEW)

  • Managing Attestation Requests:  As an access certification approver I may need to pause my work and resume later.  This update helps the certifer differentiate between completed work and remaining work.
  • Attestation Work Complete:  The work completed view for the certifier has been updated with a new message and graphic
  • Attestation Animations:  The performance and style of the approval animation has been updated to improve overall efficieny for certifiers 
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