Starling 2FA

  • New User Interface (UI):  The redesigned and updated UI is live.  The new UI is immediately visible to any administrator landing on the default Dashboard view
  • Updated Mobile Interface:  A number of additional capabilities are now available from mobile devices
  • OTP Length:  A new option is available that permits the length of the OTPs to be configured
  • Push Notification Callback:   For various product integration scenarios, it is now possible to choose to receive a callback when a push notification request is processed
  • Batch Poll for Push Notification Status:  For various product integration scenarios, it is now possible to query the status of multiple push notification requests in a single call

Starling Connect

  • New Connector UI:  The UI for displaying available connectors has been redesigned and updated.  The new UI is visible to any administrator browsing the list of available connectors

Starling Governance Access Certification (TECH PREVIEW)

  • Campaign Generation Improvements:  Several improvements are going live to make campaign generation more performant and resilient.   A campaign manager may notice a subtle change when the "Run Campaign" button is pressed
  • Online Documentation and User Guide:  The online user guide that covers installation and common usage scenarios is now live.  The documentation can be accessed by clicking on the ? icon in the top navigation bar
  • Keyboard Shortcut - Enter:  A UI update is available for campaign managers such that pressing Enter will activate the next button
  • Campaign Selection Page Redesign:  When creating or editing a campaign, campaign managers will notice the Scoping views have been redesigned.  The intent is to simplify the campaign creation and editing process
  • Campaign Type Selection:  The process to change the campaign type selection has been redesigned.  The existing icons have been removed and the campaign type selection is now more visible on the Scoping tab of Campaigns
  • Updated Campaign Run Views:  The default Campaign Run views have been updated.  For example the "Close Campaign" button has been moved to be more visible and the "Certifications" tab is now the default view when first accessing the campaign run views
  • Updated Certifier Experience:  Those asked to take part in a campaign for the purposes of approving or denying something (the Certifiers) will notice a change to the Approve/Deny process.  For example when approving a card, the next card in the list is automatically selected.
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