Starling Connect:

Connectors:   DocuSign & Workbooks Users/Groups management connector will be available in this release.   ShareFile, Zendesk, Google Suite, and Azure Active Directory connectors are currently in development, and will be available soon.

Starling Governance Access Certification (TECH PREVIEW):

Data Import:  Today you can export data from Safeguard into CSV-formatted files via the new Powershell scripts included with Safeguard.  Then, you can import the relevant data into Starling.  To do this, you must sign-up/sign-in to Starling (  Then, you can start a self-service trial of the new access verification service.  One in the new service you go to the Data section and you will see the views to upload CSV files.   The file upload functionality of the tech preview has been enhanced to provide additional data validation and expose more detailed error information.

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