Don’t Compromise – Move PAM and IGA to the Cloud, Get Full Functionality Now

Compromise (verb); /ˈkämprəˌmīz/

Definition No. 2. Accept standards that are lower than is desirable (Oxford Dictionaries)

You don’t need to compromise.

It seems when making the jump to the cloud, particularly with enterprise software, that you have to give up something for the convenience of the cloud. Whether it’s doing without some functionality, connection or scope that makes your life simpler as the manager of identity and access management, or changing the way you work that is less ideal, there always seems to be a compromise. No more – at least not when you move your identity governance and administration (IGA) and privileged access management (PAM) systems to the cloud with One Identity.

Our growing offering of SaaS solutions – currently includes Identity Manager On Demand and One Identity Safeguard On Demand – break the limitations you might have with other vendors that only offer partial functionality in the cloud. With our solutions, everything you could do with on-prem or hybrid deployment, you get with our SaaS-delivered offering. You can work with the same of approval, certifications, attestations processes you do today as well as meet industry and regulatory compliance.

Cloud without Compromise – that’s what you get with One Identity’s software as a service (SaaS) solutions. Our offering grows and evolves with your business. Most importantly, you get the same security and protection coverage you get with our on-prem solutions.

One Identity Safeguard On Demand

Safeguard On Demand automates, controls and secures the management of privileged credentials, session audit, and privileged behavior analytics. The result is a solution that secures your enterprise and gives your privileged users a new level of freedom and functionality.


  • Mitigate potential damage of a security breaches
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Realize quick ROI with SaaS deployment and management
  • Satisfy auditors with efficient audit-report creation
  • Identify and stop risky behaviors and unusual events
  • Simplify privileged account management

Identity Manager On Demand

With Identity Manager On Demand, you can unify security policies and satisfy governance needs. And you can do this while improving business agility with a modular and scalable SaaS-driven IAM solution.


  • Govern access to on-premises, cloud and hybrid resources from request through fulfillment for users and data
  • Reduce risk by ensuring users have only the access they need
  • Satisfy audit and compliance initiatives with attestation/ recertification policies
  • Put access decisions where it belongs — in the hands of the business
  • Build on existing investments and infrastructure and grow from there

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