As a kid I always loved having my mom read me books by Dr. Suess, There’s a Wocket in My Pocket and The Sneetches being a few of my favorites. Now that I have children, I realize what challenging these books can be to read aloud. But if you can get through the challenging tongue twisters, the underlying themes often provide powerful messages. The same could be said of SOX compliance, it’s very challenging to understand and adhere to all the requirements, but implementing controls can not only achieve compliance but make your organization more secure in the process.

For example, a key component of SOX compliance is implementing (and demonstrating) appropriate controls around privileged access. Achieving and providing evidence of your compliance enhances security and mitigates the risk of system users obtaining unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Read this whitepaper where you will learn to untie the tongue twister that is SOX compliance. It also provides a detailed mapping of the SOX requirements and how One Identity’s PAM solutions can help you achieve compliance. Oh the places you will go with this knowledge.

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