Gartner IAM Summit 2024: Cybersecurity as investment? paul proctor london

The European edition of the Gartner Identity & Access Management (IAM) Summit is just around the corner! This is the first major event of the year for identity professionals, and the theme – Identity-First Security: Simplify. Enable. Protect. – promises to take a fresh look at the IAM space.

Why this theme? Gartner says it’s based on approximately 10 thousand client inquiry calls annually taken by the 20 Gartner IAM analysts, along with the attendee surveys taken by the company at live events. The result shows that IAM teams are working more closely with their broader security organizations to ensure that more and more security processes have identity at their core – but significant challenges remain. Some are classic, like managing the increasingly complex IAM programs, some are newer, like handling the increase in scope with machine identities. Gartner says the agenda is curated to address these needs.

We’re also anxious to hear from Paul Proctor, Distinguished VP Analyst, during his opening keynote, Treat Cybersecurity as a Business Investment. This keynote session promises to introduce a transformative perspective: cybersecurity investment is just good business. In a landscape where cost and value drive all business outcomes, cybersecurity has often been an exception. Proctor is set to change that, advocating in his opening keynote for measuring cybersecurity value delivery and establishing a standard of care, ushering in a new era in cybersecurity. This approach applies specifically to Identity and Access Management (IAM), incentivizing investments and execution for improved global protection levels.

We’re highlighting this keynote talk as it rhymes perfectly with our take on IAM investment: it is a strategic investment in org-wide risk reduction, that brings business benefits across the board. From reducing costly downtime in case of a breach, to lowering the risk of crippling data loss or data theft, to lowering cyber insurance premiums, IAM investment has multiple positive effects on the risk profile of any organization.

As usual, we’re also preparing a special talk session for the Gartner IAM Summit: Rob Byrne is going to cover the impending AI revolution, and the key changes that it brings for our industry. He’s asked to keep this preview spoiler free, so I can only share that the exciting new use cases are coming with some deeply problematic threats and challenges.

See Rob’s session details:

One Identity: AI Powered Identity: Fact or Fantasy?

Monday, March 4, 13:45 - 14:15 GMT, room: Peninsula Ballroom B

AI and Machine Learning promise to transform our lives and work, especially in Cyber Security. But is it genuinely 'Intelligence,' or is the hype overblown? What risks does it pose? Can AI simplify my life, autonomously protect my organization, and bring tangible value? This session explores these questions, offering insights into unleashing the potential of Identity Intelligence. Our experts share practical steps for integrating Identity-centered Analytics, Insight, and Intelligence into your Cyber Security strategy, helping your organization navigate the AI-powered future effectively.

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