Join One Identity at Infosecurity Europe: Discover how to secure privileged accounts

Join IAM experts and your peers at Infosecurity Europe 2024, 4-6 June, in London! 

Infosecurity Europe is your gateway to the entire information security community, connecting you with experts, engineers, innovators and industry leaders. Stay ahead of the curve with insights spanning the past, present and future of information security. 

Meet the One Identity team at booth E110 and make sure to catch our technology showcase: Can I safely use SaaS to secure my privileged accounts?  

Discover the future of privileged account management 

In this exclusive session, Rob Byrne, One Identity Field Strategist, and Marc Maguire, One Identity Solution Architect, unravel the mysteries surrounding privileged account security in the realm of SaaS. 

In a landscape where high privileged accounts are prime targets for malicious actors seeking to breach your environment, the adoption of SaaS-based solutions has raised some concerns among organizations.  

"I feel less in control." 

"This creates an elevated risk for cloud-based solutions." 

Despite the benefits and the growing trend towards SaaS solutions, these apprehensions make some hesitant to secure privileged accounts with SaaS-based solutions. Rob and Marc are ready to dispel these doubts and equip you with the knowledge to confidently embrace SaaS for privileged account management. Modern technologies such as identity threat detection and response (ITDR), adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) and VPN-less secure channels can mitigate these concerns. 

Technical deep dive: SaaS-based security 

Prepare to dive into the technical intricacies of the Sharelock, OneLogin and PAM Essentials use case.  

In this use case, a user logs into OneLogin with a password and MFA, accessing SaaS applications from a secure device. Sharelock detects a risk signal, prompting immediate session termination and device certificate revocation. After forensic examination, the user can continue to access normal day-to-day resources from an alternate corporate-managed device after completing phishing resistant MFA. Finally, when accessing SSH sessions, the user presents a non-phishable token, ensuring privileged credential security. 

Through seamless integration with ITDR, adaptive MFA and VPN-less secure channels, you'll discover a fortified defense against evolving threats. 

Reduce risk and pave secure paths 

In a world where adaptability is crucial, stay ahead of the curve by integrating risk signals into your security policies. By embracing modern technologies and leveraging proactive measures, you'll not only mitigate risks but also pave the way for a secure journey towards SaaS-based privileged access management. 

Ready to learn more? Join us at Infosecurity Europe 2024! 

Get ready to rethink the power of information security and level-up your privileged account management. Join One Identity in London, 4-6 June, at Infosecurity Europe.  

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