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What is Access Management and Why is it Important? 

Access Management (AM) ensures that the right people and job roles in your organization (identities) can access the tools they need to do their jobs. AM is critical to providing: 

  • Online Security: Traditional security is based on passwords, which unfortunately, aren’t always full proof. If a cybercriminal breaches one of your identity’s passwords, your entire organization is suddenly vulnerable to attack. Access Management narrows the points of failure and backstops them with tools to catch mistakes when they’re made. 
  • Employee Productivity: Access Management ensures that your employees don’t have to worry about having the right passwords or access level in order to get their work done. Not only does every employee get access to the perfect suite of tools for their job, but their access can also be managed as a group or role instead of individually, which reduces your IT staff’s workload. 

The problem is, not all Access Management solutions are created equal. Each solution has its own characteristics and offerings, some of which are more comprehensive than others. With so many Access Management solutions on the market, it can be difficult to know if you’re making the right buying decision for your organization’s needs/goals. 

Enter the KuppingerCole Access Management Leadership Compass 

That’s why KuppingerCole analyzes the Access Management marketplace annually, evaluating solutions that “support a broad range of features that span the Access Management capabilities within the portfolios of a wide range of vendors in the market.” Leaders are selected based on their solution’s innovation, features and market reach on on-premises, cloud and hybrid platforms. All the information included will ensure you’ll make an informed purchasing decision. 

So, we’re thrilled to announce that OneLogin has been named an Access Management Leader in the 2022 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass! Our solution received five-star ratings in security, functionality, interoperability and usability. KuppingerCole noted that the solution’s strengths include: 

  • Strong authorization and policy management 
  • Good authentication options 
  • Fraud detection 
  • Good use of analytics and access intelligence 
  • Identity federation 
  • SSO and session management 
  • Modern admin and user self-service UI 
  • Strong use of analytics and access intelligence 
  • Good partner ecosystem 

To learn more about why our solution earned its Leader ranking and compare other solutions in the Access Management marketplace, take a look at KuppingerCole’s full report. 

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