As this is my first blog post at One Identity, I’d like to say thank you for the warm welcome from all the partners, customers and internal colleagues who have reached out since I took on my new role as director of channel and alliances for North America. I’m excited to be part of this seamless organization that extends from our offices to our partners and all the way to our end-user customers.

I am particularly excited to join the One Identity team right now, as the momentum of our Partner Circle Program shows that we are on the right track after becoming an independent brand not even 12 months ago. In my new role, I’m looking forward to working with our partners to build on the existing growth with enhanced engagement, training and support offerings.

IAM is rapidly becoming the leading way to secure organizations and enable them with new capabilities to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving business landscape. After talking with a few of our partners, as well as watching what’s going on in the marketplace, there seems to be four main concerns of our partners.

  1. Mitigating damage of the inevitable security breach. This isn’t a fatalistic view, it’s a way for our partners to help their customers prepare for the worst but to enable quick discovery by creating policies and best practices – enabled by One Identity solutions – that severely limit the access a bad actor might have once they are able to find a way in.
  2. Protecting Intellectual Property (IP). As the world gets smaller and smaller, and companies move into new regions and encounter cultures that may not be as stringent about following rules around IP, it becomes imperative to put protections in place yourself.
  3. Enabling a secure move to the cloud via hybrid environments. Digital transformation brings with it a whole new world of capabilities and ways to execute your organization’s mission, but it also poses critical challenges around managing complexity of a hybrid environment. You can get there with the right solutions and technologies, but how do you manage everything when it’s all in flux?
  4. Maintain trust across the entire IT channel. Trust is the heart of all relationships. View the short video of our partner ICSynergy to see how trust between a vendor, like One Identity, and a partner – and consequently end-user customers – enables an elevated level of comfort that ensures long-term, mutually beneficial relationships to take root.

Of course these aren’t all the challenges faced by partners, but these seem to be the main ones today. As you can see by our news release from March 15, 2018, that the membership of our Partner Circle Program has experienced tremendous sales growth around the globe, but also is laying the groundwork for a successful future through continued escalation of their technical knowledge and capabilities. This indicates that One Identity and the program are on the right track, but there’s still more that can be done.

By supporting new training and services offerings, as well as highlight ways that our partners can leverage the innovative new capabilities of our award-winning IAM solutions, I will strive to keep the momentum not only going but to accelerate it.

Take a look at the news release and please let me know how we can make the Partner Circle Program even more valuable and useful.

Plus, take a few minutes to view our video library to see and hear how One Identity partners are handling the challenges cited above.

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