Registration is Open – Welcome to One Identity Resilience 2021

I am proud to announce that registration for the One Identity Resilience User and Partner Conference is now open. This virtual gathering to be held November 2-4 builds on the momentum of the One Identity UNITE-branded events. Rebranded with a new name and updated format, this event brings together the identity-security industry from all around the globe. To reflect that, we have updated our agenda to highlight how our cloud-first strategy enables digital transformation, the implementation of a Zero Trust security model and the benefits of our unified identity-centric security platform. 

The key benefits of our platform include: 

  • Holistic Correlation: end-to-end unification of identities and accounts 
  • Automated Orchestration: modern process and frictionless governance across identity and privilege 
  • Intelligent Enrichment: only give everyone privilege with contextual awareness – continuum of rights 
  • Ongoing Adaptation: to changes in user roles/responsibilities, IT infrastructure, threat landscape 
  • Continuous Verification: zero-trust; just-in-time rights with situational awareness and behavioral monitoring 

A sampling of content planned for One Identity Resilience, includes 

  • CISO’s perspective on the evolving risk landscape and identity security 
  • Our unified identity-centric security platform  
  • Strategies to secure hybrid Active Directory/Azure AD environments 
  • Leveraging PAM for incident response 
  • Deconstructing a ransomware attack 

In addition, we will delve into application governance, innovations to our UX design and deep technical topics for our partners IT teams. To make it easier to participate in this global virtual event, we will broadcast the sessions from all three days in two time-zone-convenient airings. 

Register today. Even if these dates and times don’t fit your schedule, still register so you will receive links to the on-demand versions of One Identity Resilience and can view them at a time and place that is amenable to your schedule. 

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