For many organizations, compliance with data security standards doesn’t seem to be getting easier. IT security compliance efforts are forever competing with information security projects, as well as operational vulnerabilities and business risks. All too often data security efforts lose in the battle for resources and funding. However, the reality is that these areas do not have to compete. By implementing proven solutions that address multiple foundational controls, you can achieve and demonstrate regulatory compliance while guarding against the risks that threaten everyday operations.

For example, a key component of regulatory compliance is implementing (and demonstrating) appropriate controls that minimize the risk of fraud and data breaches. Achieving and providing evidence of your compliance with such mandates requires you to mitigate the security risk of system users obtaining unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Although SOX represents only a portion of the total scope of internal control obligations faced by most organizations, it is a critical piece of the compliance challenge. Read our white paper to learn more about solutions that can help your organization with SOX compliance.

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