One Identity Resilience - Part 2

Why should you attend One Identity Resilience User and Partner Conference? Because our beautiful world has changed and is continuing to change. In the last two years or so, few aspects of our lives have remained the same. We need to move forward from here. The change has happened, we’ve dealt with – and continue to deal with it - now we need to ensure that we are healthy and happy. 

This evolution of our work life continues to evolve as some people return to the office, some elect to work from home and some change careers completely. One thing is for sure, we still need to understand our footprint in the digital world. This has never been truer. As workers move fluidly from one form of access to another, and as more resources and services move to the cloud, the job of securing their identities, their access and their data has become an absolute imperative. 

As we will discuss at One Identity Resilience, the key is to protecting what's essential to your success – your people, your apps and your data – is to take a holistic approach to identity security. If there is a gap left in your security policy, unknown shadow IT, poor AD hygiene, etc. then you are holding the door open for someone to  breach your organization and do real damage.  

At One Identity Resilience 2022, you’ll hear from industry experts, your peers and gurus on how to close these gaps. How to keep your digital world secure and how to embrace the changes because the evolution of identity security is happening now. Don’t miss it. 

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