The Power of One: How Convergence Will Benefit the Identity Security Market

On Oct 4, One Identity announced that it had acquired OneLogin, bringing these two storied entities together as one. 

Analysts and thought leaders have predicted consolidation in the space for some time. CISOs certainly have incentive to minimize the number of vendors they work with as they strive to reduce complexity, streamline operations and cut overall costs. While recent M&A actions in this sector have been notable, none will have as profound a market impact as this combination.  

Why? First, it is important to understand the underlying dynamics in this arena. There are powerful forces at work: 

  • Identity sprawl: users (internal and external) demand access to new and additional resources, the number of machine identities is expanding rapidly with initiatives such as AI and RPA, and then there’s the sudden explosion of remote working. 
  • The dissolving of the security perimeter and disappearance of infrastructure: the traditional perimeter was born for another era. Compromise is inevitable and security executives are looking at the next-logical security layer to protect people, applications and data. 
  • Fragmented security environments: the average enterprise manages identities in 25 silos*. bad actors take advantage of the fragmented approach that most organizations take to managing access rights presents. It’s an side door through the perimeter for bad actors to then exploit to steal or ransom your data. 

A holistic approach to identity security 

As a result, identity is becoming the new edge, and organizations are quickly learning that they need to address identity security in a holistic manner. The prevailing wisdom is that there are four – previously distinct –elements that they need to be brought together to achieve an end-to-end identity security strategy:  

  • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) 
  • Identity Access Management (IAM) 
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM) 
  • Active Directory Management and Security (ADMS) 

One Identity has trusted, market-leading PAM, IGA and ADMS solutions in our portfolio. With the addition of OneLogin and their innovative access management offering, we can now collectively deliver a complete stack. Our vision is not to simply help customers solve identity-management problems with disjointed point solutions. We have long believed there is significant value to integrating these technologies into a single, cloud-first Unified Identity Security Platform. We are already hard at work incorporating our existing technologies into this platform, and efforts to combine OneLogin into the mix will commence shortly. 

Bringing these technologies into a converged platform will deliver obvious operational benefits – e.g., streamlining the correlation on all identities and all accounts, removing friction across formerly distinct technologies, simplifying automation and orchestration. This unification adds a critical level of protection. With 360-degree visibility, you can verify everything before granting user access. Plus, with adaptive security controls and analytics, you can enhance and accelerate protective actions. By modifying or stepping up authorization requirements if suspicious login attempts or unusual user behavior are detected, you can take another critical step to delivering Zero Trust and improving your overall cybersecurity posture. 

In summary, market consolidation can be a good thing. You know the old saying of 1+1=3. In this case, OneLogin plus One Identity delivers significantly more value than the sum of its parts. Bringing these two market leaders together helps organizations like yours unify their approach to identity security and solve issues that are top-of-mind with CISOs and in the board room. In addition, because Gartner Research places One Identity and OneLogin in the Leaders’ quadrant in the latest Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM reports for PAM, IGA, and IAM. This means that customers no longer need to choose between a best-of-breed and a standardized approach for identity security. They can have it all from a single vendor. It’s an enviable combination found nowhere else in the identity market. 

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*The Third Annual Global Password Security Report, LogMeIn  

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