Transform your identity strategy at Gartner IAM Summit in London, 6-7 March

As an IT professional, is your identity strategy a wolf or a rabbit, predator or prey? Join us at the Gartner IAM Summit, the first major identity event of the year, 6-7 March in London. One Identity is proud to be a premier sponsor and exhibitor. This show features an agenda that explores many of the leading challenges and trends in identity. We are excited to share our solution capabilities with you and show you and your colleagues how you can address your biggest pain points with our unified identity platform. 

We are also excited to hear from the event keynote speaker, Tina Nunno. vice president and Gartner Fellow in the analyst’s CEO and Digital Leaders Research Group, about how IT professionals, CIOs specifically, can move from leading a service-provider organisation to wielding power to truly be an architect of the future of your business. Nunno is the author of the widely read book, The Wolf in CIO’s Clothing. In her book, Nunno uses a Machiavellian metaphor to show how CIOs can better navigate the politics of the executive level to increase IT’s contribution to organizational advancement by taken on traits of a wolve – a highly social animal with sharp predatory instincts - when necessary. 

One Identity solutions can be central to executing your identity-strategy vision, particularly around security, and transform your risk profile from one of a rabbit to having the presence and cunning of a wolf. Schedule meeting with us or stop by our booth to learn how we can help overcome your identity challenges. 

We look forward to sharing our unified identity platform that seamlessly integrates identity governance and administration (IGA), privileged access management (PAM), access management (AM) and Active Directory management (ADMgmt) capabilities into one solution. At the event, you can learn how our unified identity portfolio can tame identity chaos, drive efficiencies, consolidate identity vendors in your infrastructure and give you a 360-degree view into all your identities.  

We’ll see you in London. 

View the Gartner IAM Summit Agenda

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