One Identity UNITE 2023 in Miami

Bam! As I look out of my window today, I can see that summer is starting to give way to the next season and has done so with quite dramatic change. We have gone from 30oC/85oF and brilliant sunshine to pouring rain, plunging temperatures and clouds. We need the change though, here in the UK, as we have a water shortage (yes, I get the irony for rainy England), and all the grass is a dry brown. 

And I have caught myself talking about the weather again, another foible of the British. But there is method to my madness (sometimes). It got me reflecting on the changes we’ve all gone through over the last few years. Dramatic, sad, fearful, and resilient changes. 

We were resilient during the pandemic years, and we even renamed our global User and Partner Conference to match our way of thinking. It was important for us to reflect how we felt and how we’re going to be there for the journey with our customers. We are now out the other side. We made it.

What we all need… 

It’s time to reunite. We need to reconnect person-to-person with our customers and partners. We need to get back to those meetings where we can debate and whiteboard to solve issues with world-leading solutions. We need to get back on stage and tell you all about what we have been doing, what new strategies and products we have for you. We need to unite you, our customers and partners, with us like we did in that now dimming past. 

In short, we need to reUNITE. That’s why I am excited to reveal that we are doing exactly that. 

One Identity UNITE 2023  

Starting with our event in Miami in 2023 (March 14-16), One Identity is celebrating by going back and forwards, with the name One Identity UNITE User and Partner Conference. 

It is our beginning and our future. 

We have all been changed by recent work and personal challenges brought on by the pandemic. Now, it’s time to get back to business as we know it but with a modern perspective.  

We are resilient and can overcome nearly any obstacle, but we’ll always UNITE our family.  

Drop mic… 


Chairman, One Identity UNITE User and Partner Conference

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