Do you remember when you won valedictorian, most likely to succeed, prom king (or queen) and best athlete all in the same month? Neither do I, but I imagine it would be pretty awesome.

In fact, I bet it’s a feeling similar to one we get in this business because our products just keep winning awards. The latest award for which we have been nominated is the 2014 SC Awards U.S. Finalists: Round Three for Quest One Identity Manager. According to the SC Magazine announcement, those products nominated for this prestigious award address the identity management lifecycle in an enterprise environment, including password management, user provisioning and enterprise-access management.

And while we haven’t won this one yet (our fingers are crossed), we are no strangers to awards. Below is a list of awards that this product and the rest of Quest’s IAM portfolio have taken home recently.

So, please stay tuned! If we are fortunate enough to claim yet another victory, I am sure you'll be able to read about it here as soon as it happens.

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