one identity unite - user and partner conference - madrid 2023

UNITE, the global premier event for One Identity will arrive and unpack its luggage in Madrid this year. Block out the 18-22 September to secure your place at the event, and to ensure that you have your say and hear from identity experts share perspectives on identity and cybersecurity. 

UNITE is an industry institution, one we’re incredibly proud of. People from all over the world attend our event because they know they are assured quality content and that they are working with an organisation that listens to customer and partner input to help drive their growth. 

It was a short eight years ago that I had the pleasure of working with the UNITE team to launch the event that we enjoy today. Eight years ago, the world, from a cybersecurity point of view, was a very different place. Perhaps the world was a little more naïve back then and we hadn’t fully envisaged the lengths evil people would go to secure money, leverage or political power. They probably don’t see themselves as evil but that is essentially what they are, without being too dramatic. 

The workplace has drastically changed since then, along with our home lives. One thing we can always rely on is the ever-changing and ever-onward-marching drive to improve technology. This relentless pursuit is a double-edged sword that can enhance our standards of living and even save lives, but by the same token, can be used to abuse the system and open up individual lives to a hellish existence. 

For all of us, it is our responsibility to ensure we help those that are vulnerable – and that doesn’t just mean the poor or hungry. It is also those that accept what they are told at face value, don’t notice or don’t recognize a wolf leering at them behind an email or phone call. 

We are all members of an organisation and an individual with responsibilities to protect our colleagues, as well as families and friends. 

Come to Madrid and add your voice to the discussion and to share your experiences, and to learn the latest techniques to strengthen security and make life and the world a safer place to work and live. 

See you there! 

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