Dimensional Data recently surveyed more than 1,000 security professionals from around the world and found that 77 percent admitted if they were leaving their organization they could easily steal data. An additional 12 percent of respondents admitted that if they were disgruntled with their organization that they would steal data, which should be very troubling to security and compliance departments.

Where this is most troubling is with privileged users. Administrative and privileged accounts often have virtually unlimited access to the most critical and sensitive systems and data. So, yes this group could do some damage. It’s bad enough that these privileged accounts are a prime target for hackers and other external bad actors, but internal risks may prove to be the most dangerous. Effective privileged account management (PAM) that includes privileged-user analytics is key to preventing damage done by internal and external threats.

To see the rest of the interesting and sometimes disturbing results of our global survey, access our key findings for survey highlights or read the full report see all the results.

Then, learn what your organization can do today to better protect your privileged accounts. Get details on how One Identity PAM and PAM-analytics capabilities can enhance your PAM strategy.

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