One Identity Privileged Access Management Solutions

Privileged Access Management solutions that mitigate risk and are easy to use.

Most breaches involve gaining access to privileged credentials because they provide unlimited access to systems and data - creating a major security and compliance concern.

One Identity Privileged Access Management solutions enable you to secure, control and audit privileged accounts by providing appropriate access through automated, policy-based workflows. One Identity solutions cover the entire range of privileged access management needs – from monitoring to governance – with an end-to-end approach. Improve security and compliance with more efficient administration, tracking and auditing of privileged accounts and access. 

Learn how One Identity Privileged Management Solutions simplify privileged account management, and let you enable privileged access without putting your entire organization at risk.


Provide appropriate access to privileged accounts, bolster security, achieve compliance, decrease risk, streamline administration, extend governance and more with One Identity Privileged Access Management solutions.

Privilege safe

Automate, control and secure the entire process of granting privileged credentials. Privileged access is granted-based on established policies with appropriate approvals. Create a comprehensive audit trail with automated tracking of privileged access and authorization.

Session management

Improve security and achieve compliance by controlling, monitoring and recording privileged sessions of administrators, remote vendors and other high-risk users. All session activity – down to the keystroke, mouse movement, and windows viewed – is captured, indexed, and stored in tamper-proof audit trails that can be viewed like a video and searched like a database so you can easily meet your auditing and compliance requirements.


Know who your risky privileged users are, and discover internal and external threats so that you take immediate actions to prevent breaches by detecting unusual entitlements, suspicious behavior and other anomalies.

Active Directory bridge

Extend the unified authentication and authorization of Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to Unix, Linux and Mac systems using the One Identity AD bridge solution. Remove the stand-alone authentication and authorization requirement of native Unix in favor of the single identity/point of management available through AD for Microsoft Windows systems.

Unix root delegation

Protect your organization and prevent security breaches by providing only the appropriate amount of access administrators need to perform their duties. Implement a least-privilege security approach with granular delegation of administrative access on Unix and Linux systems.

Windows administrative delegation

Control access to Windows administrative accounts through delegation using a least-privilege model. Generate and strictly enforce access rules, and eliminate errors or inconsistencies associated with native approaches to Windows privilege management by employing defined administrative policies and associated permissions.

Privileged account governance

Extend the governance advantages of unified policy, automated and business-driven attestation, enterprise provisioning, and access request and fulfillment to privileged accounts and administrator access. Simplify privileged governance by enabling organizations to define roles and associated policies, access approval workflows and perform periodic attestation of privileged access.

Centralized sudo administration

Streamline administration and easily provide access control reporting for sudo. Adopt a solution that enhances sudo with a central policy server, plus centralized management of sudo and sudoers’ policy files. Simplify administration with centralized reporting on sudoers, access rights and activities, as well as keystroke logging of activities performed through sudo.

Two-factor authentication

Enhance security by requiring a second factor of authentication for user, administrative or superuser access. Integrate two-factor authentication with privileged management solutions for an added layer of security for the most powerful users and accounts. One Identity offers both on-premises and SaaS-based two-factor authentication solutions giving organizations with the choice of a solution that best meets their security, operational, and financial goals.

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