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One Identity Cloud PAM Essentials

One Identity Cloud PAM EssentialsSM is a SaaS-based PAM solution that prioritizes security, manageability and compliance. It provides privileged sessions and access controls, helping mitigate heightened risks associated with unauthorized users. With quick deployment and simplified management, it eliminates the complexities of traditional on-premises PAM solutions and the need for additional infrastructure investments. PAM Essentials aids in meeting compliance and industry-specific standards and enables organizations to meet cyber insurance requirements.
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Key Benefits

Simplified PAM approach with full visibility

User-centric and security-first design

Cost-effective and compliant

SaaS-based architecture


One Identity Cloud PAM Essentials simplifies the management of privileged access by providing a range of advanced features that make the complex world of PAM easier to navigate.
Streamlined PAM

Streamlined PAM

Delivers core functionality without unnecessary complexity or the need of a proxy gateway, making your experience efficient and hassle-free.

  • Cloud native architecture ensuring scalability, flexibility and accessibility
  • Provides a seamless experience for remote teams
  • Native integration with OneLogin access management solutions
  • Intuitive user interface designed for ease of use
Sessions-Based Privileged Access

Sessions-Based Privileged Access

Take control of your corporate accounts and assets, ensuring comprehensive management.

  • Full SSH and RDP integration
  • Control and recording of SaaS applications
  • Centralized control and monitoring of user sessions
  • Role based access control (RBAC) and Active Directory integration
Privileged Session Recording

Privileged Session Recording

Top-tier session recording that provides a clear, auditable trail of all privileged access activities.

  • Protocol proxy session recording for auditing and forensic purposes
  • Isolation of user session to prevent lateral movement and unauthorized access
  • Integration with access management for streamlined user provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Structured audit logs that deliver a systematic and detailed record of activities, events and changes
Secure Credentials Management

Secure Credentials Management

Centralize and automate credential management to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

  • Auto-login (credential injection with sessions)
  • Secure local server account passwords through vaulting
  • Timely rotation of passwords
  • Ongoing surveillance of password changes occurring outside the standard channels
VPN-Less Secure Tunnel Technology

VPN-Less Secure Tunnel Technology

Enjoy seamless and secure network access without the complexities of traditional setups.

  • Application-level security for more granular control
  • Zero Trust architecture - trust is not assumed
  • VPN-less secure remote access for easy setup and control
  • Direct connection to cloud-based resources without need to route traffic through centralized gateway



One Identity Cloud PAM Essentials

Simplified, secure and compliant cloud-based PAM to protect your most critical assets
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