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Active Roles

Simplify identity management and security with visibility of all Entra ID (Azure AD) tenants, Microsoft 365 and Active Directory domains from a single pane of glass. Ensure users and objects have fine grained privileged access only when they need it with dynamic delegation across your identity landscape. Automate manual processes to increase efficiency and security while accelerating account, group and directory management.
What is Active Roles? | One Identity 03:13

Key benefits

Ensure data integrity and compliance

Consolidate onto a single console

Synchronize directories

Automate AD tasks and group management

Integration with other Active Directory solutions


Hybrid Active Directory, Entra ID and Microsoft 365 security and management

Manage all Active Directory domains, Entra ID (Azure AD) and Microsoft 365 tenants from a single pane of glass with our Better Together with Microsoft solution.

Fine-grained delegation with least privilege access and role-based access control (RBAC)

Control over permissions / privileges across multiple Active Directory Domains, Entra ID (Azure AD) and Microsoft 365 tenants with zero standing privileges.

Efficient group management and role management

Control access and permissions with dynamic rules, group families and policies with automation.

Lifecycle management, automation, scripting and workflows

Manage users, groups, roles, contacts, Exchange Online, and Microsoft 365 licenses and objects with configurable workflows and customizable scripts.

AWS directory support

Seamless integration of Active Roles with AWS Directory Service for a zero trust least privilege model, access delegation, and synchronized on-prem user data.


Real-time updates with industry-leading connectors including SCIM 2.0, ServiceNow, Entra ID (Azure AD), Salesforce, Workday, LDAP and more.

Discovery and management of stale objects

Identify potential stale objects.

Data consistency, auditing and logging

Comprehensive analysis of user actions and attribute data.

Automates AD Administration

Automate user account and group creation, mailboxes, and group population across your hybrid environment.

Secure Privilege Access Management for AD / Entra ID /Microsoft 365

Active Roles provides automated user, group and object privilege access with delegation for secure, efficient and consistent identity management.

Supported platforms and integrations

Find out what platforms are supported. Active Roles easily integrates with a wide array of platforms and applications.



Active Roles AD Mgmt

Secure and automate the administration, access and provisioning of users and groups for AD/AzureAD
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