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Safeguard Remote Access

Get secure remote access for privileged users with One Identity Safeguard Remote Access. This cloud-native access solution connects remote users to privileged resources securely - without the challenges of VPN. There’s no client software to install and all connection logistics are handled in the cloud and controlled by Safeguard.
Safeguard Remote Access

Key Benefits

Enable secure remote access to privileged resources

Maximize privileged user productivity

Simplify privileged access management in the cloud

Deliver Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)


Secure remote access

Ensure remote workers and contractors can log in securely to any resource, from anywhere in the world.


Access privileged resources without the friction, complexity, and security limitations of VPN.

Instant on

Deploy in transparent mode with no changes to user workflows.

Multiple protocols

Easily connect to privileged resources with out-of-the-box support for RDP and SSH.

Session monitoring

Add full session recording and control with the powerful capabilities of Safeguard for Privileged Sessions.

SaaS delivery

Simplify deployment and ongoing management with secure remote access delivered from the cloud.


gain secure remote access

VPN-free access

Privileged users can gain secure remote access to any resource from anywhere in the world using only their browser. A single web interface connects remote admins via RDP or SSH to critical resources without the hassle and overhead of using a VPN connection. And by relying on Active Directory authentication, you’ll simplify life for administrators and end users while enhancing security.
Session monitoring

Session monitoring

The integration with Safeguard for Privileged Sessions provides a detailed recording of all session activity, including keystrokes, commands, mouse movement, and windows viewed. With real-time traffic monitoring, you can detect suspicious activity and disconnect access immediately. All activity is captured, indexed and stored in time-stamped, signed audit files.


Safeguard Remote access is a cloud-born solution that relies on no legacy technology. It’s built on modern cloud tools from Microsoft Azure and the One Identity SaaS platform, providing scalability and flexibility for your enterprise requirements. With no client software to install, your employees and contractors will enjoy the frictionless experience they expect in a cloud-first world.

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