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Enhance your log management

Enterprise-grade central log management for your whole environment.

Enhance log management




Gain complete visibility into your environment

  • Obtain full event data from log sources, with no dropped messages
  • Build a unified log management platform that supports multiple destinations
  • Achieve compliance with the most stringent regulations
  • Enjoy faster time to resolution during root cause analysis
Flexible routing

Flexible routing

Reduce maintenance and deployment costs with universal collection

syslog-ng can be deployed as an agent on a wide variety of hosts and flexibly route logs to multiple analytic tools or databases, eliminating the need to deploy multiple agents on servers.

  • Collect logs from a wide variety of sources, including Windows
  • Read log messages from any text file
  • Avoid SIEM vendor lock-in by separating log management and analysis
Real-time transformation

Real-time transformation

Optimize your tools with distributed processing

With powerful filtering, parsing, re-writing and classification options, syslog-ng can transform logs on remote hosts. This reduces the amount and complexity of log data forwarded to analytic tools like SIEM or APM, lowering their total cost of ownership.

  • Filter, sort, parse and rewrite incoming messages to fit the destinations
  • Real-time classification using known patterns
  • Enrich on-the-fly using external databases
Scalable architecture

Scalable architecture

Scale up your log management

Depending on its configuration, one syslog-ng server can collect more than half a million log messages per second from thousands of log sources

  • Extreme message rate collection – optimized for performance
  • Collection from thousands of sources
  • Easy monitoring
Secure transfer and storage

Secure transfer and storage

Have confidence in the data underlying your analytics, forensics and compliance efforts

Using local disk buffering, client-side failover and application layer acknowledgement, syslog-ng can transfer logs with zero message loss.

  • Reliable log transfer using Advanced Log Transfer Protocol
  • Secure Transfer using TLS
  • Secure, Encrypted Log Storage
Optimize your SIEM

Optimize your SIEM

Optimizing your SIEM solution can reduce cost and improve performance by reducing the volume and complexity of ingested log data.

  • Reliable log transfer using Advanced Log Transfer Protocol
  • Tamper proof, secure logs in raw format to provide admissible evidence
  • Lower SIEM TCO through careful filtering and routing of security-relevant logs


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University of Exeter

We are now able to perform analysis and investigate issues on log files which previously were spread across multiple servers and platforms, allowing for a much faster response to security investigations.

Paul Sandy University of Exeter Read Case Study

Sterling National Bank

We needed something that was more stable, powerful and cost-effective than our existing solution, and syslog-ng Premium Edition provided all those things.

Thomas Blasi Sterling National Bank Read Case Study

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