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Cyber Insurance

Level up your identity security and satisfy the demands of your cyber insurance coverage.

Get ready to meet cyber insurance requirements




Future-proof your organization:
The benefits of cyber insurance and IAM compliance

  • Cover the gaps in your identity security posture to satisfy today’s stringent requirements and lower the typical barriers to entry with cyber insurance
  • Get an immediate return on your investment and meet the highest levels of cyber insurance while lowering your premiums
  • Gain access to the reporting and auditing tools you need for help ensure compliance
Prevent credential theft with multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Prevent credential theft with multi-factor authentication (MFA)

The adoption of MFA demonstrates an organization's commitment to cybersecurity best practices, helps provide protection against credentials theft and contributes to lower insurance costs. No wonder it’s one of the foundational requirements to qualify for cyber insurance.

OneLogin MFA:

  • Enforces strong authentication with granular policies for different users and applications
  • Provides context-aware, adaptive authentication via OneLogin SmartFactor, reducing the likelihood of a successful breach
  • Delivers a frictionless user experience without compromising security
Elevate security: Safeguarding privileged accounts from unauthorized access

Elevate security: Safeguarding privileged accounts from unauthorized access

Protect privileged accounts to minimize unauthorized access, insider threats, and data breaches, thereby reducing exposure to financial losses and reputational damage - factors considered by cyber insurance providers when assessing coverage and premiums.

One Identity Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, Safeguard, enables you to:

  • Control, monitor and record administrator, remote vendor, and other high-risk users’ privileged sessions
  • Automate, control and secure the process of granting privileged credentials including role-based access controls and automated workflows
  • Adopt user-behavior analytics to discover previously unknown internal and external threats
Fortify your foundation: Secure Active Directory

Fortify your foundation: Secure Active Directory

When organizations secure Active Directory/Azure AD, they gain control over user access rights, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential breaches.

The One Identity AD Management solution, Active Roles:

  • Enhances native AD/Azure AD capabilities and automates account, group and directory management 
  • Regulates admin access and controls in a role-based delegation and least-privilege access model
  • Ensures AD data integrity and compliance
Bridge the gap to comprehensive coverage with Identity Governance

Bridge the gap to comprehensive coverage with Identity Governance

Govern, secure user access to data and enterprise applications, and unify security information and policies from multiple sources to reduce risk and satisfy compliance requirements.

One Identity Manager:

  • Provides a single platform for user, data, and privileged account governance
  • Secures user access and automated provisioning to any target on-premises or in the cloud, reducing risks and minimizing gaps in governance coverage
  • Unifies policies and streamlines application-access decisions 

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