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Safeguard for Sudo

Centralized Management and Reporting for the sudoers Policy File

With One Identity Safeguard for Sudo by Quest, you can centralize management of sudoer policy files. This UNIX and Linux PAM tool easily generates reports on sudoer access rights and activities. Additionally, it enables keystroke logging of all activities performed through sudo. The open source sudo project helps delegate the UNIX root account to achieve privileged account management (PAM) objectives. Overcome Sudo’s cumbersome management processes and get compliant.

Safeguard for Sudo

Key Benefits

Optimize Operations

Improves efficiency and policy consistency with centralized management of sudo across all your UNIX/Linux servers

Simplify Compliance

Quickly provides the Linux PAM information you need with centralized reporting on sudo policy, activities and history

Enhance Security

Increased security with keystroke logging of all sudo activity


Extend Sudo

Leverage plug-ins that extend your current Sudo environment instead of replacing it. Users access the root account the same way they did before there’s no need for additional training minimizing calls to the help desk.

Central Sudo Policy

Use a central service to enforce policy across all of your UNIX/Linux PAM users and servers. This eliminates the need for administrators to deploy sudoers on every system, reducing administrative effort and improving security.

Keystroke Logging

All keystrokes of activities performed through sudo are logged. The keystroke log report is a comprehensive view of the activities and commands that are executed across all systems. You can filter the log report to quickly find the data you need.

Centralized Reporting

Easily track who, what and when changes were made to sudoers, including versioning. Reports analyze the sudo configuration file, user accounts and group memberships. Plus, you can track who ran specific sudo commands across all systems and whether the commands were accepted or rejected. Finally get the UNIX/Linux PAM services you need to secure your environment.

Centralized Management

Use the Management Console for UNIX to manage sudo and other One Identity solutions. This greatly simplifies UNIX/Linux PAM activities and audit-related tasks across your entire environment.

Separation of Duty Enforcement

Using the Management Console for UNIX, you can enforce separation of duties (SoD) and assign users a specific role, which allows them to only execute a defined set of tasks and no more.

Sudo Offline Policy Cache

Provides your organization with service continuity in the event of a network or server outage.

Script Compatibility

Safeguard for Sudo ensures compatibility of your script files that contain embedded sudo commands across your UNIX environment/infrastructure. This allows your organization to avoid run failures and the expense and effort to test and fix scripts.


For detailed system requirements and supported platforms please review the latest release notes.



One Identity Safeguard for Sudo

Extend functionality of sudo with this secure and efficient root access policy management solution
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