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Safeguard Authentication Services

Simplify UNIX/Linux Security and Administration.

Integrate UNIX, macOS and Linux Active Directory authentication with One Identity Safeguard Authentication Services by Quest. This solution creates an Active Directory (AD) bridge that enables users to log on to non-Windows systems using their AD credentials. Your organization can extend the compliance and security capabilities of Active Directory authentication across your enterprise.

One Identity Safeguard Authentication Services Overview 04:48

Key benefits

Eliminate Complexity

Single source for Windows, UNIX and Linux Active Directory authentication

Simplify Compliance

Centralized management and reporting to reduce audit stress and ease compliance

Enhance Security

Increased security with Kerberos authentication and single sign on

University of East Anglia: UK university cuts IT burden with Unix/Linux single sign-on

The benefits we’ve realised mean that Authentication Services has already paid for itself. Over time, the ROI will continue to rise as Authentication Services continues to add value.

Jon Woodley Head of Systems, UEA

UkrSibbank feels the difference after installing Active Directory on Unix systems

Overall, the installation of One Identity software products has reduced downtime and saved the bank around 100 staff-days of work each year.

Alexander Nesterenko Deputy Head of the IT Support Department Read Case Study


Active Directory for UNIX, Linux and Mac

Extend the authentication, authorization and administration infrastructure of Active Directory to the rest of your enterprise. This tool enables UNIX, macOS and Linux Active Directory authentication to operate non-Windows systems as full AD citizens.

Audit, alerting and change tracking

Authentication Services enables you to alert on, audit, and show in-depth change history of UNIX-centric information being managed by Active Directory.

Group Policy for UNIX, Linux and Mac

Extend policy-based management (through Windows Group Policy) to non-Windows systems, including Group Policy for macOS using the product’s patented framework.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Implement “Kerberized” and LDAP SSO to UNIX, Linux and macOS systems in the same way they’re used in Windows. You also get out-of-the-box single sign-on for a variety of applications, including Siebel, SAP and DB2.

Simplified identity and access management

Maximize the value of your investment in Active Directory and AD-optimized identity administration tools while dramatically simplifying your existing security framework, meta-directory or synchronization solution.

NIS migration and directory consolidation

Streamline the process of extending UNIX/macOS/Linux Active Directory authentication to non-Windows systems and users. Simplify migration from multiple authentication mechanisms (including NIS), directories and identities to a single AD-based infrastructure.

Deployment flexibility

Options range from a non-impact, "schema-less" deployment to a fully rationalized environment, enabling you to deploy Authentication Services that ideally suits your objectives, environment, timelines and challenges, such as Linux Active Directory authentication.

Two-factor authentication support

Enhance security by requiring two-factor authentication for your UNIX/Linux users and administrators. In addition, Safeguard Authentication Services extends Windows-based smart cards to UNIX and Linux and supports third-party OTP solutions.


Authentication Services includes the following components:

  • Unix Agent
  • Windows Management Tools

For detailed system requirements and supported platforms please review the latest release notes.



Safeguard Authentication Services

Leverage AD bridging to unify policy-based management across Unix, Linux, and Mac systems

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Leverage AD bridging to unify policy-based management across Unix, Linux, and Mac systems
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