Free Personal Password Vault for One Identity Safeguard Customers

There are lots of different types of accounts within an organization.

First, there are privileged accounts such as root administrator accounts - and there are also shared accounts, like Admin1 and Admin2. These accounts are powerful and must be secured and controlled with proper monitoring and recording.

Second, you have corporate accounts that reside predominantly in the cloud, and are federated with your corporate directory. These accounts are tied to the security of your corporate directly and held to certain security standards, including password length, password reuse and password-reset requirements.

Finally, you have all the other accounts that users need to do their job but aren’t federated. Typically, these accounts do not adhere to the corporate password requirements, and it’s nearly impossible for organizations to have visibility and control over them. Examples of these business accounts include corporate travel sites, business-supplies purchasing accounts or shipping services. These accounts usually have different requirements for passwords; for instance, some may require special characters and some may not. With all the different password formats - and best practices that require that each password be unique to an account – it makes it difficult for users to remember passwords. Because of this, employees are likely to use similar passwords for several accounts or even reuse passwords. They also might write them on a sticky note, or maybe keep them in an Excel spreadsheet. Security-savvy users might use an open source or paid password manager, but even in this case, the organization doesn’t have insight or management of these passwords.

While many organizations have considered investing in a password vault for privileged credentials, most have not considering a vault for their business accounts due to cost and management overhead. At One Identity, we don’t think you should have to risk losing control of your business accounts. As a part of our latest release of Safeguard for Privileged Passwords (our privileged-password vault solution), we now include a personal password vault for your business accounts.

Any organization that purchases Safeguard can extend a secure personal password vault to all their employees for no additional cost. With the Safeguard Personal Password Vault, users can store and generate random passwords, and securely share them with other employees, which provides much needed security and visibility into business accounts. Learn how to select the ideal PAM solution for your needs.

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