Lessons learned from the Twitter breach and steps to avoid an internal data breach

The recent Twitter breach proves that it is necessary to secure access to social media accounts. It also verifies that the breach of social media accounts can have a financial impact in addition to an effect on your brand. The breach used social engineering techniques to target employees with access to internal systems and tools showing us that insider threat isn’t always malicious and that protecting against is a key aspect of security.

To secure Twitter and other high-profile privileged accounts against internal threats, organizations must:

  • Secure access to these accounts and consider an approval process for use
  • Record, monitor and audit access to these accounts
  • Use behavioral analytics to determine if someone who doesn’t normally have access is trying to use an account
  • Have an incident response process in place if an account is breached

For more information, read our white paper on understanding privileged identity theft and steps to take to prevent it.

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