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What is needed for File and application server Migration from source to target using Migration Manager 8.13


I have plan to Migrate file servers and Application Servers (hosted on Windows 2003 and 2008 Servers). I knew that servers we can call computer accounts.

Since we already migrated users, groups and user computers from source to target using ADMS. Now Plan is to migrate file server and application servers using Migration Manager 8.13.

I have earlier hands on experience migrating users, groups and user client machines configuring domain pares and sync agent configuration, using rum to migrate machines as well. 

But I am little confuse now I want to buy and install and configure Migration Manager 8.13 to  migrate only file and application servers from source to Target. 

what configuration is actually needed ? I mean do we need to configure sync agents and domains pares,  or only RUM is enough Plz if any one could let me know what should I follow ?.. what is the Licence for file and application server migration ?  I knew for user migration its single active user migration base. I appreciate the help.. 



Bixam Boda