defender 6.2 new build impact on existing

Hi,  I am looking to install Defender 6.2 on a new W2019 server as part of an upgrade.

This is to replace an existing W2008 Defender 5.8.1 server. 

During the 6.2 install it asks to update Active Directory. 

Can I install and build the new server without affecting the operation of the existing server? 

Also can i use the same AD service account?

  • Hi,

    Would be grateful if i could get a steer on the above.

    Essentially i want to build and test defender 6.2 on on  new W2019 machine whilst the old Defender 5.8.1 continues to operate.

    Once I have successfully tested i can move over to the new server and decom the old. 

    But there is an option to update Active Directory and i am worried that building the new will affect the old setup.

    Any help would be great thanks.

  • Mark,

    Apologies for no one answering your question yet.  The good news is that the update to AD is only to add a few attributes that help support our new P2A functionality with our Android and iOS app.  There is nothing that will affect existing user authentication with your current deployment.  As long as you ensure that your new DSS is created in AD, and your access nodes are assigned to the new DSS, the only thing left would be to ensure your endpoints protected by Defender are now referencing the new IP/DNS name of the server that the 6.2 DSS is installed on.

    You can then remove references to the old DSS from your endpoints, and also from your Access nodes.