Defender supported token for Disability/ Accessibility

Hi There,

Anyone know are there any solution for to use facial recognition token or solution which works for person with disability?

  • Hello,

    While it certainly depends on the individual's disability, I could think of two potential solutions.

    First, we do support Yubikey.  If the user is able to insert/keep the token in an accessible USB port, they would be able to login as normal, then simply tap the button to auto-inject the OTP for authentication.  This is probably the easiest solution at the moment.

    Second, we do have the concept of a GRIDSure token.  This is essentially a grid of boxes with randomized numbers.  The user would pick which boxes they want upon registration (for example the top 5 boxes in sequence, all 4 corners, etc).  As long as they remembered the pattern they chose, the native accessibility features to read out what is on-screen could audibly tell them the numbers in the grid which they could then type in.

    We have no support at this time for biometric based authentication, although it is a suggested feature on our roadmap.  No ETA on when that could be supported at this time.